Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alternate living

I got poked that I had not posted in awhile, and immediately felt bad.  I had forgotten that this is how people who I know who do not play any more keep up to date on things.

sorry spyke...

So I've been with Alternate Allegiance for about 4 months so far, and it has been pedal to the metal the entire time.

I am going to post some numbers to show the progress, and even though to most other groups in Eve these may seem... poor to say the least.  So take it for what it is a comparison from before I joined up till now.

From January of 2015 - October of 2015 total amount of kills never got over 620 with 927 being the most losses of that time frame.  With a negative K/D ratio.

I joined 23 November 2015 since then kills each month (except December) past 1000 kills, and has had a positive K/D ratio.  It was not huge by any margin, but very noticeable when you look and compare the boards over the last year or so.  

This really mean anything?  Only time will tell, and keeping focused and working at it will help.

Do I think me coming to Alts did that, in part yes, but not totally.  Alts was missing fleet leadership, and from what I could tell an active FC who cares.  First thing was to start trying to form for every group of neuts or neut that came into our space.  I wanted to get people in the habit if intel flashed with neuts nearby to start getting ready.  Do it enough times people tend to already long before you are!

Getting people into a doctrine was the first step, and sometimes even now is still a struggle.  As we grow our numbers, and get them into fleet it changes what we need.  At first it was I need dps and logi everything else second.  Now I am asking for more logi as having just 2 is no longer enough, and support ships to flush out the fleet is needed.  That is the hard part getting those support ships, the tackle, the recon, the scouts.  These are things we are slowly putting together, and are slowly making us less of a target for easy kills.

That has been my focus since I have joined, and thankfully I have some great folks around me to help.  My corp keep being a CEO easy thankfully, hopefully I can take some time to recruit and rebuild it so its not so lonely in corp chat.  Alliance leaders have supported me with all they have, and I cannot thank them enough.  Even a failed doctrine yea sorry about the cynabal's!

The CEO's have been talking about loss mitigation among our members indy/ratting ships.  My thoughts are we as CEO's need to talk to our members and do what we can to mitigate them.  That is about as far as I think it should go past a few exceptions.  One exception would be during a CTA or home defense fleet.  What to do about the exceptions and those losses is something I am not sure on.  Kick that person? Fine them?  I do not think those are things we should do, as we are not an elite pvp alliance by any stretch.  So in honest I don't know what to do about it past finding out why, and going from there.

I've been pressuring others to step up and FC as well.  This has to happen if we want any kind of redundancy in fleet fights.  I am going to do my best to push these folks to do fleets, and run them on their own without any input from myself or any of the other FC's.  Then talk it over afterwards and see what can be done better next go around.  I hope doing this that more folks will join fleets since there will be more of them, and getting more folks involved will hopefully get more people to pvp.

In a industrial based alliance you build your pvp from within, you have to.  Bringing in pure pvp groups never usually take well especially with how far out in null sec we are.  They get bored quickly normally, and would always away from the area looking for pvp.  Which is not a bad thing, but not optimal for them nor the alliance if they end up being at arms reach having to be away to find constant content.  Who know maybe a group will come along, and be a good fit Eve can always throw you off.

So what is next?  I have a few ideas, and had a small deployment lined out for the alliance......then PL parked in Akora.  So I've put that off to see what happens with them, and the push horde is putting on Fade.

Hopefully real life will be getting real busy as I am about to start college.  Work, this blog, and Eve will suffer for it, but poke me so I don't forge to do another post!