Saturday, June 25, 2016

FC What do?

An epic amount of things have gone on since my last post, and all so fast there was no hope (at least for me) to post anything about it.

So TL;DR (to long didnt read)  ALTS were reset by Xdeath and nearly all the of the people who were to stand with us bent the knee to them so they would not lose their space out of fear.

We ourselves made some tough choices and those not willing or able to fight left leave we few.  Taking Alts from one of the largest alliances in Eve with around 3000+ toons to 300+toons.   Which is not a bad thing from my point of view as this gives me a better perspective on what we have as a group.  With 3000 you can get big ideas for what you could do with 10% of that, but that number was not reflective of what we really had.  I use the 10% rule when looking at groups and what the can actually bring fleet wise and normally it is pretty close, but actually trends to be less than 10% in most cases.  The reduction in numbers, the lack of allies, and the increasing support to Xdeath finally pushed us out of Oasa/PF entirely (well sorta).  I say sort of because they cannot really keep us out unless we totally back off as Xdeath cannot hope to cover all their space and still has a lot of un-TCU'd systems in Oasa.

A lot of people put in a lot of work and flipped a lot of systems which is why the Sov mechanics are awesome.  We were so good at it we set a record in Eve for most timers set in a day,  We fight in small gangs and either pick off stragglers off of groups or set them up for friends to hit them.

So what now?  I have just put up my recruiting advert again, and will look to try and get YHI as a working corp, and geared more toward PvP than industry,  We will always be industry, but it is not fair of me to say that industry is all we do and all that will be asked of members.  PvP will not be everything, but will be something we work on and are a well rounded Corp.

Keeping this one short just because there is no way to really put everything that has happened in the last couple of months!  Nor would I accurately be able to describe everything either and that would do justice to all the work ALTS and friends put into everything.

Fly safe folks.


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