Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Waffles Waffles Waffles

So I've moved across lowsec, and have joined WAFFLES. a very active Eve Online PvP centered Alliance.

My first impressions after being here for almost a month and spending serious hours in fleets, and Mumble.

As to content there is a ton of it, and by far more than any other group you will run into in Eve if you like PvP.  Looking at my stats in August I had 267 kills 34 losses / 26.57 Billions isk destroyed to 2.72 Billion lost.  September has exploded, and pay mind to that I joined waffles in late August.  514 kills to 34 losses / 90.22 Billion isk destroyed to 1.58 Billion isk lost.

That is a crazy jump, but will go down as real life gets back to normal for me.  Fleets are up constantly going on, and you will get content because Waffles generate it.

I like a green killboard because I like winning which is the competitive side of me coming out/

As to the people it is taking a bit to get used it.  I am currently doing fleets in both time zones so I am getting know both, and figure out who I like to run with, and who I need to adjust to.  Just like any group there are folks who will get on your nerves, and ones that are great to be around.

Everyone will fly something that is needed as they can.  You will not be able to just ship up into your favorite ship every time.  If logi is needed, and you can fly it with the skills needed you'll be shipping into it or something else that is needed.  That is the best part of Waffles. in my opinion because that is what will make you a better over all player, and asset to everyone.   Forcing folks to do this will always put your group higher than others that just corner themselves into only being able or wanting to fly a certain thing.

We are doing a lot of stuff, and poking groups in Cloud Ring.  This has been interesting, and different as I have fought for space, and nearly burned myself out of Eve defending it.   I feel more comfortable doing in it because it is what I know, and now learning the new mechanics is pretty interesting.  We've forced Iron Armada out, and currently poking SpaceMonkey's Alliance, and forcing them to show for fights.

So far so good, and my current goal is to get -10 Security Status so I can check that Eve block.

Oh also check out the Podside Podcast, and the Best of Us in game channels.  Best of Us is for veterans across the world, and helping one another.  Podside is a great podcast where you can be heard, and listen to folks talk about just about everthing.



  1. Were you in the fight with the SMA Drake fleet we were poking around last night? Our Claw fleet managed to land on that just in time to get on a WAFFLES Scimitar kill mail before we went off looking for other targets.

    1. Sorry for the late response indeed I was! Yea those claws were a menace, and one that we left to the entosis guys when the Drakes came arouns

  2. Good stuff - glad to hear you're enjoying space life!

    1. Its not all roses, but its something to pass the time while I think about things.

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