Monday, June 16, 2014

Bad day in the neighborhood

So here I am starting a Blog.....about Eve, about my trials, and tribulations that is being a CEO of a Corporation in Eve Online.   That being said this post will be terrible just warning you!

What the hell am I thinking!  I blame you Rixx!!!!

I wont start from the beginning yet because well tonight was a shit day RL and game wise.   Got a call of a spike in our home system so I undock my Gila and make speed there with 2 corpies.  We are new to the Null PvP game so for us its undock and defend our area for us.  Does not matter what, but if a Purple is tackled I, and those of us who can undock and roll.

                                                          (Gila-Faction- Cruiser)
                                                          Freaking love this ship

Sadly an Alliance member lost his ratting ship, and due to inexperience , and lack of leadership one of my corp mates drifted off stations and got his Hurricane popped.

                                             (Minmatar - Hurricane - Battle Cruiser)

So what I am to do?  He knows he made a mistake, but at the heart of lays a serious issue we are out of our depth without solid leadership on the PvP field.  I am still learning the game, and sadly due to my RL profession of being in the military that makes it tough to give a lot of time to this game that is rich and fulfilling in its own way.  It's bred into me to try an lead, but that's not my place in the Alliance yet...., but I do my best when on field with my guys to take charge and see what we can do for better or worse.

What happen after that you may ask?  Nothing my corp member logged upset at the loss, and the PvP director stood everyone down, and I did warped back bitter and angry. "Hurr tell him to HTFU!" I bet is what you hard line L33T PvP folks are thinking, but most of you all who will troll me most likely don't remember (or care to) the times where you had little to no isk.  Grinding to get the minerals or isk to buy your new ships, mods, and rigs.  So its a bitter taste for me and my guys to lose without gaining any kind of retribution, Kill Mail, or anything past one less ship.

So I will put a fresh Hurricane in his hanger that I had brought out, and go from there

So it was a bad day in the neighborhood, but just like Eve it's about learning from these mistakes then working through them.  I just hope I am up to the task of keeping my guys undocking even though it seems we lose more than we gain.