Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How I came to Eve, and was told to be a CEO part 2

*Note please remember I am a former Infantry grunt be happy you get words in somewhat the right order alright?

Now to continue....

Recruiting:  From a very funny web comic you should check out if you're a nerd like me Ctrl+Alt+Del:

It's not as bad as all that, but it's not far off either....

Remember that recruiting channel I said you should have started? Well to do that you need to do a few things first.  Open the chat channels button on the left,and click Channels.  Once done I'd type something along the lines (Corp Name) Recruiting Channel.  I'd suggest only use this channel for recruiting do not make it a hangout so you can see if a new person joins immediately.  Click Create *We will come back to this later

Now take all the things I suggested earlier and be ready to put them in a recruiting advert.

Go to your corp tab on the NEOCOM on the left.  Click on the Recruitment tab, then Corporation Ads.

On the bottom left first thing you want to do if you want to be able to screen applicants is check the "Membership application enabled" box.

Now click on the Create Advert button it'll bring up another window.  Put a snazzy Ad title like Free Beer!  No not really unless you can then good on ya!  Put something on there you'd be looking for when joining or interest you.  Reason being you'd people that would join liking the same thing you do right?

Looking For 
On the Details tab on the right you'll see "Looking for and a drop down.  Click that arrow and you'll see at the time of this posting 3 areas.  PvE, PvP, Trade & Industry, and Other.  Choose the things you do or will do in the very near future.  Reason being is false advertising sucks, well unless that's what you are going for...

Area of Operations
Check the appropiate boxes and go to the next area " Area of Operations " or AO to us military folks.

Pretty straight forward on this selection check the area's you operate in.  I take it as where we run operations out of not to, meaning I do not claim low sec as an operating area if I only do a roam once in awhile.  If we had a station there we worked of or POS (player owned station) sure.

Select what applies to you, and your group.

Primary Time Zone
Use the sliding bar to mark out in Eve time when you, and your group are primarily on doing group stuff.

Secondary Time Zone
This is where I'd put your guys who are on later at night or earlier due to work or school.

Go ahead and go the full length of 28 days, and pay up the 7.5mil for the Ad.

Now the block I avoided the Message to Recruits
This is where I'd put your Purpose, Direction, and Motivation bit in.

State short term goals, long term goals, and Tax rate.

What you can provide to new or old players SRP (Ship Replacement Program)  Ore Buy back program, and so on.

If you are going to require API put the link to set one up in there, and if you do not know what an API is yourself.  Check out the link below, and also look up EveMon.  A great tool to check API's its not a catch all as there are ways to look innocent, but its something at least. I am sure there are other 3rd party programs, and please check them out I've only used this one so it's my base.  *If I can remember I'll post on checking people's API's via Evemon.

Put what you like on the message, but leaving it blank seems a waste.

Now to the next tab Recruiters!

Pick people you can trust, who know how the corp operations run, and who do not mind talking to people who may literally be 1 day old in game.

Pick them out hitting the Add button below your corp member list.  Next is Recruitment Channel (see told you we'd get back to it) use the drop down and pick the channel you created earlier.

Review for error's typos and such, and when ready click submit!

This what a potential recruit will see when looking for a corp through the search function.

What I have noticed when you hit membership milestones is when you start seeing more people put in applications or join your recruiting channel.  These normally are 10 50 and 100 respectively.

There are a ton of things in between, and around this I know I have missed, but if all else fails check out Eve University's Wiki There is no site for educating yourself on Eve Online out there.

If you'd like me to go back and cover something else when starting a corp. please let me know in the comments.  (sets rocks in front of crowd)....


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  1. I absolutely despise the playtime slider scale; I swear they made that thing not work right to mess with my head when I was out looking...

    In all, I guess the recruitment advert serves its purpose pretty well though.