Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How I came to Eve, and was told to be a CEO part 1

My uncle said I needed to try a space ship game he'd been playing....

  I was playing whatever iteration of FPS shooter at the time, and League of Legends (LoL), but being super competitive it went from fun gaming into anger/rage inducing moods. I needed a change of pace, RL was really getting to me (still is) at the time. My uncle had been bugging me for days to try Eve Online, and after the first 2 hours I do not think I'll stop playing till the servers shut down.  If you have not tried it give it a try:  https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=f9371051-e6cb-4b5d-97db-b5ba10f92922&action=buddy

So I hopped on the phone with my uncle, and his friend (Current mining director) talking about what we wanted to do in the game.  I would not join them till I finished all the tutorials, as I was just in awe at how open things seemed.   I highly suggest you do the same! Check them out and learn all the little bits of information, get some free stuff to!  

Having no idea we started skilling toward mining as a way to relax, and earn some isk. Paid for my subscription, and then was told I was going to start a corp 3 weeks into Eve......damn it....

Starting up:

I was told to start a corp as a 3 week old toon which took me a week to do since I had to do a few skills, and read up on it.  

Without the above Eve Uni Wiki it would have never happen!  Also checkout all their things out as their information is far better than a few Billion isk in your wallet. So I learned enough to get us started, but sadly sometimes even they leave things out that I had to learn the hard way.  I'll save some of those for another post for another date as I am still learning a lot of do not's. 

Things you'll want to think about are;  Purpose, Direction, and Motivation...  These things you'll want to think about even before you really even put a name to your corp.

Purpose:  What is your corp?  Pirate? Miners/Industry (really one is tied to the other), PvP, etc?

Direction:  This one is tough and was for me at first, but it was to grow into a support corp for a larger alliance that is going to do something note worthy.  So find a direction, and go for it, but do not be afraid to bend and reshape as things go on.  Not being able to adapt will leave your corp empty, and you looking for something else to do.

Motivation:  Take your motivation and project it to others.  Seems simple, but some don't respond the same way to whatever motivational tactic you are using.  Ore buy back program, Ship Replacement Program, and Fleet nights (or roams or whatever you call your gathering of members) are all good ways to motivate.  Contests if you are able to manage rewards and tracking for are also great to do.


 Somethings I would suggest is save up your first 100 million isk so you can have options as you may want to rent your first office at a station, that may cost more than you would normally think.

Start off in a .7-.8 system.  This gets you away from the starting systems, and access to a better assortment of Ore's, and asteroid fields if you are looking to start off mining.  This will also in most cases from the area's I've visited have a better assortment of agents.  

Get off the pipe!  Meaning look for a low key system with little activity this helps as being seen a lot is not always a good thing for a very new corp starting out without veteran members to help guide your hand.  This will give you more time to get your feet wet so to speak, and really learning eve.  


At first we just peer pressured all our friends, family, and co-workers to come play.  99% saw it as to hard, slow, boring, expensive, or to time consuming.  Which it can be all those things, and a lot worse, but it's so much more.  It has awe inspiring moments where you see your first Titan on field (still have not) or going to see the Titanomachy in B-R5RB.

                                                           Check that block!

Though we hit the jackpot for a new corporation, and that was having a member join with a Rl friend of a friend who had been playing for 6 years!  That in of itself is like someone giving you 100 million isk when you first start playing Eve (Love ya T).  Without him I would not have a 130 member corp with some of the best people I've come to know in a game.  

Grab up new players warp to belts in the starter systems, and adjacent ones.  Talk to them get them involved, or just give them advice from what you have learned so far.  I probably met more than half of my members in a belt and spent time mining with them chatting away.

Talk to them get to know them, and help them.  This can be in whatever form your corp is like PvP for example.  You blow up that 3 day old toon in the venture TALK TO HIM ya ASS!  Why?  Because that's all he knows is he got blow up not his new ship is toast, and now he is most likely lost.  If nothing else tell him what he did wrong or right so he is not clueless to what happen just that alone could go a long way.

                                                       Mining Frigate - ORE
What you do after that is your call it is Eve so there is a harshness that some just have to learn to figure it out fully sadly enough.

End Part 1