Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mob Mentality

While playing Eve I try to be as easy going as I can be.  Not try to jump to anger, and be understanding to;  issues, complaints, problems, he said/she said, drama, etc...  I try to remind myself not to troll people as you never know how your words may affect someone else.  I'm human though and fail a lot in things I try to do, and this brings me to the Mob Mentality.

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I say Mob Mentality as if a group starts to troll another even though you're not the type to, you very well may troll those people in return.  This normally seems to start in Eve with a bit of trash talking from one side or the other.  Nothing hard hitting just thinking like; 'come out and play' 'aww dont run', 'dont be scared of us', and etc....

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The turning point normally in Eve is when side starts taking major ship losses, losing the fight, or losing a war.  These can be amplified if the two sides have bad blood to begin with which doubles the chance of things like cursing, personal assaults, and hate speech.  Like the fight itself it progressively escalates it burns itself out like your prop mod in a low sec fight.

I try my best to not do these things, and seeing personally how words have a real way of hurting or helping someone.  I'm human though, and if one of my corp members get caught out I'm out for spaceship blood.  I'll taunt in local to see if I can get him to slip up, to break his focus, and give me or my gang a opening to get retribution.  In the Mob though things can go do far, and get out of control so it takes strong minded people with influence to stop the cycle. As a leader you have to see the point where your mob mentality has turned in the wrong way, and stop it cold if possible.  This may not be possible depending on how intense the situation is, so you may just need to help guide it the right way before mistakes are made in game, and to someones mental health.

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You may not care, and Eve does not care that is for sure, so why should you?  I can type till my hands bleed with reasons you shouldnt, but like in RL its all up to you.

Using the Mob Mentality for good:

It can be used for good though, and applied the right way it can do lots of good.  Your corp/alliance is a 'Mob', like mine I, and my awesome members do my best to train new players and help them as much as we can.  The Angel Project is a great 'Mob' doing great things in Eve Online, and I am sure there is more support, but that is a known group that assist hard up pilots.  Eve University is another 'Mob' that does so much I can put everything that mob can do!  Is there more?  Well that's for you to find out...


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