Thursday, September 25, 2014

Little Victories

Being a CEO or really just being a player in Eve is the little victories.  

For me it's the little victories in Eve, and they in turn keep me doing what I am doing.  Trying to run a corporation, keep members logging in, putting together content, and making sure folks do what is asked of them can be difficult at its best.

Getting new members!

Teaching a new member the basics of living in Null Sec, and them earning more isk than I do!

Catching that pirate that's killed some of your members this CODE. you take that, and take a small victory lap.

Getting your first good loot drop from a Rat.  Got this little guy Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip!  Which you can turn into a Sisters of Eve LP store to get a Nestor BPC, and then build a Nestor from that.

To the point Eve is a harsh place that can be as dark as space itself.  Taking the bad with the good is the only way to survive, and keep playing Eve.  

CEO: what can I do?

For me it's providing the enviroment to be able to get those little victories.  

Letting your directors handle their areas.  This seems straight forward, but you have to be vigilant and make sure what they do, and intend to do falls inline with your vision.  Guide, and set paramiters so they know where to stop, and how far they can go.  Have them or yourself set up goals you'd like them to attain or see what theirs are.  Start small getting those little victories early and often will only help to do bigger and better things.

Set up awards and/or medals to give out to members.  A little recognition can go a long way for moral.

Set up small corp events that will test them, and have a payoff.  Example would be a mining fleet night with with goal of mining enough for a Carrier.

These are my little victories, but what are yours?