Sunday, January 17, 2016

What is this blogging thing?

So yea its been awhile......yea.........

Real life first my wife had a little girl, and now I am working on not being easy to manipulate... though I doubt any sort of prep will help me in regards to her!

This is a bit of an events update since I haven't posted in a long time.  I'm finally employed and that has firmly placed my play time in UStz prime.   I am currently in charge of Yulai Heavy Industries again even though I wanted to let someone else run it.  I was not sure if I could handle it alone without the support of my directors who are mostly afk due to real life.

So after talking to some of the remaining members they really wanted me to push recruiting. So after trying to recruit some it didnt seem that I could rebuild the corp to ts former glory, and so I started thinking of alternatives...

Then real life brought me to my knees.  A friend out of game as well as in game, a fellow vet, and former CEO of YHI Talon Purvanen (Chris) was in a car accident, and died sometime later.   He helped me start YHI in July of 2013, and was our mining director up until I asked him to take the CEO role.  That was so I could focus on FCing and working on PvP doctrines, and fleets for the alliance.  That way YHI could focus on being industrial, and being damn good at it.  Were he did just that!  Helped us get a cap building project going and we were producing a few caps a month.  Which for us was pretty damn awesome.

As always in YHI "real life first always" he was building a home, and had a new girlfriend to focus on.  I was happy for him, and sad he'd be away.   Someone else took over, and he'd pop online for bit to talk or call my cell to talk things or just about real life stuff.  He'd kept in contact with folks via email, and would log in from time to time to help sort something. 

Then my uncle texted me telling me what had happened.... I lost it I had to pull over because I couldn't stop crying.  I couldn't believe it he had just spoke to one of my directors about being ready to start coming back.  He was looking forward to building a Citadel and seeing how all that worked.....
Which we will do even if I have to pay for it myself. 

It got me to thinking I need to what makes me happy.  If ever in Eve you are not happy do something about it!  Our time in this world isn't long so enjoy it!

So I started looking at either leaving YHI to pursue FCing in medium to large gangs or have the corp join an alliance that allows me to do that.  After talking with the active members we decided it best to join an alliance.  So we joined Alternate Allegiance based in the Drone Lands who helped my old alliance a lot, and provided pilots for the war in Insmother fighting Red Alliance.  I hope things work out the way I see them, and hopefully YHI will have a lot more options on the table for content.

The first week in the Alliance, and already had some fun killing a dread owned by Red Fire along with a few of their T3's.  It is not all sun shine and rainbows as thee is a lot of work to be done to get people working toward being able to fight for every inch of their home.  

 I will try and post more from now on...maybe I can do that while ratting....ya that wont happen