Sunday, August 21, 2016

AAR / Target Calling: The art of killing things in a Alpha doctrine.

 Alpha doctrines are not a new thing to Eve, and are one of the most fun doctrines to use that I have been a part of as of late.

Alpha doctrines tend to break down to who has the best position, and better numbers.  This is not always the case but for sake of this writing those are the things we will focus on.  I was also asked to do a AAR as well for the KLY-C0 fight, and my apologies for taking so long on it, but I will blend the 2 together as best I can. 

  I have not fully FC'd a fleet for CO2 as of this writing, and only really did some Algos roams. and corp roams around the area.  This day would be different as Cubeick and his secondary FC Joli Torem took out our rusty Rupture doctrine for a spin.  Ruptures are a  cheap alpha doctrine that can really punch above its weight given positioning, webs. and hitting not splitting damage.  Cubeick was set up as our anchor, and Joli our initial target caller which free's up the main FC to position the fleet properly so we apply max damage for the ammo type he wants us using.    We moved into KLY and engaged an initial Pandemic Horde Caracal fleet, and unfortunatly one of the first losses was the secondary FC Joli.  This left him without a target caller, and so I jumped in for better or worse it was time to get back to doing what I loved doing calling primaries.  

There is a pace to calling targets in a alpha doctrine, and since the primary FC is anchoring you have to find the right times to be calling targets and letting him call for micro-warpdrives or other positioning calls.  This makes things  a lot easier if the pair has worked together before (we had not till today), and you allow each other to speak as needed.   Once Joli goes down Cubeick asks for someone to call targets, and I go to work looking for high value targets first or things that will disrupt their fleet the most.  If those are not in range or viable you focus on DPS killing DPS from the other fleet helps your fleet survive if you are not volleying them off before reps land then look at picking logistics ships.  

I go into a mode when i call targets I start locking the target, and broadcast him using the right click broadcast target function.  (I have been doing that my entire Eve career, and it was going to bite me in the ass later.)  I kill what is close first since there were no high value targets on field that I could see so DPS was primary and we go to work on Caracals.  I call targets with a cadence once I have broadcasted and locked the primary I start locking the secondary while I see how our DPS applies and today it applied damn well.  When you are alpha'ing targets you have to have your secondary ready but keep a pace were folks are killing then locking the secondary this avoids people trying to split their DPS to shoot the secondary and possibly giving the primary a chance to get reps due to the split DPS.  So calling targets for this fleet when primary is (as I am locking then broadcast) first 3 letters of the first name or full name depending on how hard it is to say.  While I lock the secondary once that target gets to armor I am broadcasting the secondary this means by the time they are done locking the primary should be dead and all DPS should be applied to the new primary.  Should the primary get logi reps I call the secondary as primary, and keep moving, but keeping that one locked.  Once you have the temp for how the DPS is applying it becomes damn fun fleet with things dying one right after the other.  We crush their initial Caracal fleet, and then they come for round 2, and this is where I derp so hard I wanted to just log off.   While calling targets and using the right click method I hit remove cruiser from overview .........  Looking at it it is pretty damn easy to do if you are broadcasting targets as quickly as I was, and I boned it up bad!

So for me all that I could see on my overview was frigates so I called for free fire yet there was still a bunch of Caracals on grid.  After going crazy trying to figure out what I had done and got it fixed we went back to work chewing through Caracals, and token Cerberus.  During all this Cubeick would start to speak, and I would just broadcast instead of speaking over him so he could give a call for an align or reanchor.  It went as smooth as my derpiness allowed, and surprisingly we came out a bil a ahead, and I found my grove again.  Thanks to you Cubeick for being awesome, and hope we can work together soon.  

Oh a AAR I need to get good, and use the shortcut for broadcasting so I don't screw that up again.  Battle report is below!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


So yea sense I post a TON here you know......... I have been asked to write some more somewhere else.... Ok that is a lie I said I would try so I am going to write some things, and you all get to see them as well. These will be Tabloid type things that are short, crazy, and totally fake....I hope......

  This is where if I had any kind of skill or know how I would photo shop the hell out of something similar to these and put Eve players/CCP folks in game faces.  Sadly I have no such ability at this time so it'll just be boring words much like Reddit! eh.....


Locals are in a panic here in the system of Saranen as billions of locals cause mass hysteria and riots due to Goons leaving the area and moving toward Delve.   Concord has issued a warning to the Caldari Government to get it under control or be put into marshal law via  a press conference in Yulai.  Caldari officials lay blame at the hands of The Mittani and his leadership for the current instability of the system.  "Our people nothing but gracious to Goons, and the MBC who have both fought violent battles in our system killing millions in their terrible war".  "We were told by The Mittani that he not cause issues with our populace with any drastic changes in the near future.  Then he announces that they will be moving in less than a month!""This effectively ruined several million businesses with massive layoffs, crashed the stock market, and destroyed any use for new infrastructure  we've built to support the outrageous group."

After speaking further with the enraged Caldari representative they will be looking to take Goons to Concord for reparations for damages caused to the tune of 1 Quadrillion ISK.  This is the largest sum of ISK ever in any case thus far Concord has presided over.  The Mittani could not be reached for comment due to what his representative said is via instant message "He is currently clubbing and will not comment on this case at this time."  Concord said they have sent messages and look to start the trial with in the month.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The deserted wasteland Drone Lands

Where is Razor?

Where is The Initiative?

     These were the things I was thinking when we started taking objectives in Tenal.  After the first few objectives we all came to realize that Razor and INIT had both already moved a majority of their assets out of Tenal.  After speaking to a few former Razor folks (yes I did find Razor) they had started moving things out almost a month prior to our hitting Tenal about when World War Bee (WWB from here on out) kicked off.  The link covers more of the overall WWB stuff than I will here so check it out if you would like to know more about it.

Funny thing to note that PL/NC. would not blue us and would actually shoot at our fleets as we moved around to do either roams, or whatever else.  They would not shoot us for the major WWB operations, but even then I was skeptical.

    As I wrote before the EUtz would get the brunt of the bigger fights in WWB for Drone Walkers these were normally lead by Bruce Ernaga leader of inPanic or Jay Wright, We had a couple fights of note, but they were not DW pure objectives for the most part that I can remember.  I dug through my killboard and found the biggest fight I was in with DW and either Eve Kill is busted or it has a lot of stuff in it as it has been taking forever to load!  We made a huge error by bringing both Cerbs and hurricanes which led to us losing as much as the CFC.  With nearly a 1000 folks in local and brawled it out over what I cannot eve remember, but the fight was brutal for us.  Bruce lead us on this one and we the shield to be beat on while we did what we could to keep it close.  That was the more memorable battle that I recall, and there were chances we thought for bigger fights to see if the CFC would bite, and we brought our dreads out to play for these X-Large Ship Maintenance Array & X-Large Ship Maintenance Array  if you do battle reports you'll notice the CFC did not show, and to be honest I would not have either.  With a 1000 of the MBC, and a small cap fleet from the new comers to the WWB front there was no way the CFC would come and suffer their own personal B-R for what we may have destroyed in those XLSMA's.

    With all that going on Drone Walkers kept pushing and flipping systems in Tenal with minimal resistance at all past some that had clones they would hop in to whelp ships.  While flipping systems we killed towers a plenty and things were running pretty quick for us to flip the entire area in a little over 3 weeks.   At about the halfway point people started talking about what next, and what would we do with the space.  Well the space part was simple enough we would give it away to anyone willing and able to take it and live in it that was not Goons.  At least that was the initial notions.....

  For those looking XDeath had been making moves with fleets and Sov in and around Oasa.  Then once we declared Tenal fully conquered XDeath made their move.  It was capped off with a mail from Attakare a diplo from XDeath and controls the standings sheet..but before that since they had not kicked all the groups from the gc.mail list a mailing list XDeath uses to send mails to all renters/supporters.

Also warning this is google translated so my apologies!

Reset Drone Walkers
From: Karer II
Sent: 2016.04.10 17:09
To: gc.mail,

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

Over the past few years we have carried out the practice of Space in dronregah young alliances or corporations wishing to establish an alliance. The only condition was - PVP. As practice has shown once again, people do not know how to appreciate the good. Greed, vanity, these vices turned the head of management of a number of alliances.

Of all who received dronregah Space are two of the alliance. This Alternate Allegiance and inPanic. Quite recently they organized a coalition Drone Walkers. This in itself is not that important, if not the number of their actions.

CEO inPanic Bruce Ernaga: "xdeath has no control over us anymore Inpanic, alts and kick dont have to listen to them anymore We are free..". Inpaniki are the second generation of traitors in Cobalt (damn region, if you know what I mean). Alliance Spears of Destiny, which was their predecessor received in Space cobalt in exchange for a promise to close the entrance to the dronregi from Vienna. Leaders of the alliance for a few months engaged in poaching sitizenov, a peace agreement with the attacking alliances region instead of countering them. As a result of the revolution which we have contributed to the reformed alliance inPanic. Apparently the leadership of the new alliance could not get rid of the virus of separatism. By its actions, it has brought the alliance to reset our part.

CEO Alternate Allegiance P Air: "im tired of being nice guy, thinking of changing tactics". Alliance started its journey from sitizenov NC .. Our cooperation enabled them to expand to an impressive value 3,300 pilots. During formation, as it turned out in the course of a large-scale investigation, the alliance did not disdain the direct theft of R64 moons pribiraniya their hands delicious systems podbivaniyu separatism other residents dronregov (eg recommendations tightening transmission Spacey), poaching sitizenov in stunning scale (about 500 pilots excluding other Citizen Alliance). Apparently it's his understanding "to be a good guy."

The guys from time to time were silent. Yes, they were helping in local conflicts that have been a part of their agreement. Now they just have declared independence and continue their destructive activities. Yes, during the war in Insmazere small contingents participated in dronregah alliances. Yes, they have played an important role in the final battle for the hub C-J6MT. However, what they have done and are doing now does not fit with the agreements that have been concluded with them.

A few days ago, the leaders of many alliances Drone Walkers coalition stated that they are in danger of losing their PVP-pilots and forced to begin active operations against the CFC to deter players. Such unanimity immediately aroused suspicions because the war in Insmazere some alliances are not even lit up. A few days later it became known that the alliances Drone Walkers stupid loot received for the contract against the CFC. Provided that they are, through the efforts of our diplomats, are included in the agreement not to invade between us and the CFC is - a direct blow to the agreements of all kinds. Do not be afraid of these words - a betrayal for money and nothing blatant lie.

Stands alliances with the following members of the Drone Walkers, will be dropped April 10, 2016 at 18:00 eve time:
* Alternate Allegance
* InPanic
* Phoenix Company Alliance
* Bloodline
* District85
* The Explicit Alliance
* Just a Game
* Requiem Eternal
* BlackNovaMercenary Alliance

We tear them all the agreements and begin to attack their systems. If someone and tired of being a nice guy, so it's me


standings reset
From: Attakare
Sent: 2016.04.10 17:21
To: alistair en Tilavine,  Apoc42023,  Argus Sorn,  bcpror9981,  Beguiler,  Bruce Ernaga,  Giribaldi,  hyprviper1,  Iceburn1,  Juno2010,  KwaLevu,  MatthewMN,  ThorWotran,  Z air,

Following message is a notice of standings reset between GemiCo and all the alliances that are part of Drone Walkers from 10.04.2016 1800 ET.
Maleficent activity of several alliance leaders of Drone Walkers prevents any further partnership between us. Contact GemiCo coalition diplo for details.


    My guess was it was XDeath were waiting for was for us to fully be stuck in, and in a worse place to redeploy and defend ourselves.  As to some of the things said in the mail I cannot comment on anything, but ALTS things.  ALTS did a lot of the entosis work in Insmother and from what I gathered a huge amount of it.  So the minor praise there is ignorance to the fact of the work they put in, and to the other items listed about poaching was funny enough.  They said we took effectively thousands of pilots! Yea right........ you mean picked up groups or pilots that could barely hold on and brought them in sure.   Though looking at it from their point they wanted ammo to fire up their war machine.  As to the R64 I am not sure on, but after speaking to leadership I am sure we did not steal and when asked it was a matter of we had it and a new group moved in then suddenly wanted it and said no.  If that is stealing what we already had then ya we are thieves.  The funny thing is the other blocks owned more of the higher end moons in drones than we ever did under alt corps.

  4 days later would come to cease fire which was just a cover so XDeath to make a better position for them selves and buy more time.


From: Z air
Sent: 2016.04.14 13:16
To: Alternate Allegiance,

Dearest ALTS,

As of this moment, a CEASE-FIRE Order Has been given by Drone Walker Command.

ALL HOSTILITIES TOWARDS XIX/XWX Sov and Structures will Cease Immediately Until Further Notice

More information will be coming

Awaiting Positive Confirmation of the Above



It did not even last an hour....


xwx, xix attacking
 From: Joell
Sent: 2016.04.14 14:25

What is going on? Requiem Eternal is still being aggressed by Legion of Death and Shadow of Death.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The deserted wasteland "Drone Lands" Prologue

Be warned there is no TL:DR for this so sorry/not sorry.

    So some people @wilhelm2451 and @Sarag0ssa both asked for me to go further into talking about the war in Drones and the things that went on. I hope I do it justice, but just know I was not in the higher echelons so there is tinfoil/2nd hand info on my part so apologies in advance. I will list all the groups as they come up and I remember them with links to eve gate once, and will most likely go to a short form name or ticker for the remainder of talking about this. I will also cover some things from before the reset that I think has a part or impact on it.  

    So let us go back in history a bit to the eviction of The Older Gamer Alliance (from here on out known as TOG) from their pocket in Oasa.  Legion of xXDeathXx had come down and said that TOG had not lived up to their requirements and were to be removed from the area.  We in Alternate Allegiance really did not like this, and looked for ways to avoid it completely to even helping to pay rent for them to buy them some time to get sorted.  TOG rejected the deal so we were left to go after a group I had come to like since I was asked to join ALTS.  So most of the non-renting groups in and around Oasa started operations to push TOG out of their pocket which we all still call the old TOG pocket.  Our first operations would bit start till near the end of the first week in February, but as with XDeath's tradition as soon as they reset their members went to go pick fights.  The note worthy groups at the time for this were:

Alternate Allegiance - ALTS
BlackNova Mercenary Alliance - BNMA
Brotherhood of Spacers - BOSS
District-85 -  D85
Just A Game.  JAG
Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork -Kick
Phoenix Company Alliance  - POCA
Requiem Eternal - Req
The Explicit Alliance - Xplicit

XDeath did come out, but not with anything note worthy fleet wise from what I can remember.  We had a few skirmishes with TOG, but TOG had already begun the process of moving once they got the reset notice losing an Aeon in LowSec sadly on the way out.  Honestly there were not really any good fights here past someone from Bloodline dropping their Titan while I was FCing to try and kill a Naglfar which did not work, since you know they didnt let the FC(me) know what was going on so ended up losing a Loki for their trouble....

(tinfoil) In my mind this is the start to the growing problem we could see that XDeath was looking at groups and looking to push them out to help stabilize the area in fear of a civil war.

Though we still had what I thought was a good relationship with XDeath we held an event called BWF party.  Where we spent about 3-4 days to include the weekend gate camping and hopping on XDeath fleets with my goal being top killers in the area!  We were asked to help keep points on a hotdrop in Oijanen and help with a fight in Geminate with some XDeath pets that got grabbed by Volta in their carriers (Battle Report).   Time passed we did some other things some guys went to Fountain for a bit of fun with Brotherhood of Spacers,  So ALTS was kind of in limbo some people looking for more content than just defense fleets that I had been running so we had people out doing their own thing in different parts of Eve.

Time passes and we come to the brink of World War Bee.

There had been rumors that war with the goons was coming, and we were all talking about if we would get involved.  I figured we would not be able due to our ties to Legion of xXDeathXx and their relationship with the Imperium (I call them CFC or GSF still so you will see it here sorry).   

**Now some of this is where this is word of mouth kind of information or things I tried putting together myself so may or may not be entirely correct**

XDeath had a NIP with the CFC meaning basically no SOV//Structure attacking, and so when WWB kicked off it basically kept the larger portion of Drones out of the fight in regards of assisting the MBC.  XDeath from what I could tell could not and would not openly support the CFC or be the next in line after the CFC were attacked. Early in the war Mercenary Coalition reached out to ALTS leadership if we would be interested in coming out for the war.  Other drone residents wanted to get involved for various reason some out of hate for the CFC others just for the content and be apart of what I thought would be the biggest war Eve has seen.  Man was I wrong on that one!

Then came Fafer he would be persona behind a lot the got the Drone alliances into WWB in a big way.  Fafer came up with the idea to gather us into a coalition later to be named Drone Walkers.

    At that point the alliances got together we got a name, but there was a hindrance XDeath's NIP that applied to all of us especially groups like inPanic who wer`e named in it specifically.  So the leaders got things rolling then Karer turned the key so to speak.  Karer is the leader of XDeath from what I have gathered the yes/no man so to speak, even though UAxDEATH is the defacto person when people think of leadership with XDeath.  Karer went to every Alliance on Skype and gave each personally the go for to take Drone Walkers against the CFC.  Warning that if we lose and they come after our takings in Drone Lands/where ever they would not assist or support.   With that Drone Walkers formed up and mobilize to HB-5L3 on the edge of Tenal.  

This is a easy choice for staging since InPanic lived there and was close to their primary staging area.  We took the doctrines that were fixtures of the time for Eve primary the doctrines to rule fights more often than not.  Most if not all the big fights were Euro time zone so that hampered my participation in the bigger fights.   Tenal was at the time owned by Razor & The Initiative who we expected to put up a nasty defense, and one to be honest I did not think we had the ability to fully push them out.  I kept warning that these are not just push overs as INIT (the initiative) are pretty damn good PvP group in my opinion, and Razor has as many people we did coming to fight.  

 Drone Walkers would come to find that the CFC for the most part would not even try major operations against the Money Badger Coalition let alone the new comers to the ring DW. Though DW would come to find its own trials of being a new coalition soon, and in some political intrigue/drama that could be a best seller.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

FC What do?

An epic amount of things have gone on since my last post, and all so fast there was no hope (at least for me) to post anything about it.

So TL;DR (to long didnt read)  ALTS were reset by Xdeath and nearly all the of the people who were to stand with us bent the knee to them so they would not lose their space out of fear.

We ourselves made some tough choices and those not willing or able to fight left leave we few.  Taking Alts from one of the largest alliances in Eve with around 3000+ toons to 300+toons.   Which is not a bad thing from my point of view as this gives me a better perspective on what we have as a group.  With 3000 you can get big ideas for what you could do with 10% of that, but that number was not reflective of what we really had.  I use the 10% rule when looking at groups and what the can actually bring fleet wise and normally it is pretty close, but actually trends to be less than 10% in most cases.  The reduction in numbers, the lack of allies, and the increasing support to Xdeath finally pushed us out of Oasa/PF entirely (well sorta).  I say sort of because they cannot really keep us out unless we totally back off as Xdeath cannot hope to cover all their space and still has a lot of un-TCU'd systems in Oasa.

A lot of people put in a lot of work and flipped a lot of systems which is why the Sov mechanics are awesome.  We were so good at it we set a record in Eve for most timers set in a day,  We fight in small gangs and either pick off stragglers off of groups or set them up for friends to hit them.

So what now?  I have just put up my recruiting advert again, and will look to try and get YHI as a working corp, and geared more toward PvP than industry,  We will always be industry, but it is not fair of me to say that industry is all we do and all that will be asked of members.  PvP will not be everything, but will be something we work on and are a well rounded Corp.

Keeping this one short just because there is no way to really put everything that has happened in the last couple of months!  Nor would I accurately be able to describe everything either and that would do justice to all the work ALTS and friends put into everything.

Fly safe folks.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alternate living

I got poked that I had not posted in awhile, and immediately felt bad.  I had forgotten that this is how people who I know who do not play any more keep up to date on things.

sorry spyke...

So I've been with Alternate Allegiance for about 4 months so far, and it has been pedal to the metal the entire time.

I am going to post some numbers to show the progress, and even though to most other groups in Eve these may seem... poor to say the least.  So take it for what it is a comparison from before I joined up till now.

From January of 2015 - October of 2015 total amount of kills never got over 620 with 927 being the most losses of that time frame.  With a negative K/D ratio.

I joined 23 November 2015 since then kills each month (except December) past 1000 kills, and has had a positive K/D ratio.  It was not huge by any margin, but very noticeable when you look and compare the boards over the last year or so.  

This really mean anything?  Only time will tell, and keeping focused and working at it will help.

Do I think me coming to Alts did that, in part yes, but not totally.  Alts was missing fleet leadership, and from what I could tell an active FC who cares.  First thing was to start trying to form for every group of neuts or neut that came into our space.  I wanted to get people in the habit if intel flashed with neuts nearby to start getting ready.  Do it enough times people tend to already long before you are!

Getting people into a doctrine was the first step, and sometimes even now is still a struggle.  As we grow our numbers, and get them into fleet it changes what we need.  At first it was I need dps and logi everything else second.  Now I am asking for more logi as having just 2 is no longer enough, and support ships to flush out the fleet is needed.  That is the hard part getting those support ships, the tackle, the recon, the scouts.  These are things we are slowly putting together, and are slowly making us less of a target for easy kills.

That has been my focus since I have joined, and thankfully I have some great folks around me to help.  My corp keep being a CEO easy thankfully, hopefully I can take some time to recruit and rebuild it so its not so lonely in corp chat.  Alliance leaders have supported me with all they have, and I cannot thank them enough.  Even a failed doctrine yea sorry about the cynabal's!

The CEO's have been talking about loss mitigation among our members indy/ratting ships.  My thoughts are we as CEO's need to talk to our members and do what we can to mitigate them.  That is about as far as I think it should go past a few exceptions.  One exception would be during a CTA or home defense fleet.  What to do about the exceptions and those losses is something I am not sure on.  Kick that person? Fine them?  I do not think those are things we should do, as we are not an elite pvp alliance by any stretch.  So in honest I don't know what to do about it past finding out why, and going from there.

I've been pressuring others to step up and FC as well.  This has to happen if we want any kind of redundancy in fleet fights.  I am going to do my best to push these folks to do fleets, and run them on their own without any input from myself or any of the other FC's.  Then talk it over afterwards and see what can be done better next go around.  I hope doing this that more folks will join fleets since there will be more of them, and getting more folks involved will hopefully get more people to pvp.

In a industrial based alliance you build your pvp from within, you have to.  Bringing in pure pvp groups never usually take well especially with how far out in null sec we are.  They get bored quickly normally, and would always away from the area looking for pvp.  Which is not a bad thing, but not optimal for them nor the alliance if they end up being at arms reach having to be away to find constant content.  Who know maybe a group will come along, and be a good fit Eve can always throw you off.

So what is next?  I have a few ideas, and had a small deployment lined out for the alliance......then PL parked in Akora.  So I've put that off to see what happens with them, and the push horde is putting on Fade.

Hopefully real life will be getting real busy as I am about to start college.  Work, this blog, and Eve will suffer for it, but poke me so I don't forge to do another post!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

What is this blogging thing?

So yea its been awhile......yea.........

Real life first my wife had a little girl, and now I am working on not being easy to manipulate... though I doubt any sort of prep will help me in regards to her!

This is a bit of an events update since I haven't posted in a long time.  I'm finally employed and that has firmly placed my play time in UStz prime.   I am currently in charge of Yulai Heavy Industries again even though I wanted to let someone else run it.  I was not sure if I could handle it alone without the support of my directors who are mostly afk due to real life.

So after talking to some of the remaining members they really wanted me to push recruiting. So after trying to recruit some it didnt seem that I could rebuild the corp to ts former glory, and so I started thinking of alternatives...

Then real life brought me to my knees.  A friend out of game as well as in game, a fellow vet, and former CEO of YHI Talon Purvanen (Chris) was in a car accident, and died sometime later.   He helped me start YHI in July of 2013, and was our mining director up until I asked him to take the CEO role.  That was so I could focus on FCing and working on PvP doctrines, and fleets for the alliance.  That way YHI could focus on being industrial, and being damn good at it.  Were he did just that!  Helped us get a cap building project going and we were producing a few caps a month.  Which for us was pretty damn awesome.

As always in YHI "real life first always" he was building a home, and had a new girlfriend to focus on.  I was happy for him, and sad he'd be away.   Someone else took over, and he'd pop online for bit to talk or call my cell to talk things or just about real life stuff.  He'd kept in contact with folks via email, and would log in from time to time to help sort something. 

Then my uncle texted me telling me what had happened.... I lost it I had to pull over because I couldn't stop crying.  I couldn't believe it he had just spoke to one of my directors about being ready to start coming back.  He was looking forward to building a Citadel and seeing how all that worked.....
Which we will do even if I have to pay for it myself. 

It got me to thinking I need to what makes me happy.  If ever in Eve you are not happy do something about it!  Our time in this world isn't long so enjoy it!

So I started looking at either leaving YHI to pursue FCing in medium to large gangs or have the corp join an alliance that allows me to do that.  After talking with the active members we decided it best to join an alliance.  So we joined Alternate Allegiance based in the Drone Lands who helped my old alliance a lot, and provided pilots for the war in Insmother fighting Red Alliance.  I hope things work out the way I see them, and hopefully YHI will have a lot more options on the table for content.

The first week in the Alliance, and already had some fun killing a dread owned by Red Fire along with a few of their T3's.  It is not all sun shine and rainbows as thee is a lot of work to be done to get people working toward being able to fight for every inch of their home.  

 I will try and post more from now on...maybe I can do that while ratting....ya that wont happen