Sunday, August 21, 2016

AAR / Target Calling: The art of killing things in a Alpha doctrine.

 Alpha doctrines are not a new thing to Eve, and are one of the most fun doctrines to use that I have been a part of as of late.

Alpha doctrines tend to break down to who has the best position, and better numbers.  This is not always the case but for sake of this writing those are the things we will focus on.  I was also asked to do a AAR as well for the KLY-C0 fight, and my apologies for taking so long on it, but I will blend the 2 together as best I can. 

  I have not fully FC'd a fleet for CO2 as of this writing, and only really did some Algos roams. and corp roams around the area.  This day would be different as Cubeick and his secondary FC Joli Torem took out our rusty Rupture doctrine for a spin.  Ruptures are a  cheap alpha doctrine that can really punch above its weight given positioning, webs. and hitting not splitting damage.  Cubeick was set up as our anchor, and Joli our initial target caller which free's up the main FC to position the fleet properly so we apply max damage for the ammo type he wants us using.    We moved into KLY and engaged an initial Pandemic Horde Caracal fleet, and unfortunatly one of the first losses was the secondary FC Joli.  This left him without a target caller, and so I jumped in for better or worse it was time to get back to doing what I loved doing calling primaries.  

There is a pace to calling targets in a alpha doctrine, and since the primary FC is anchoring you have to find the right times to be calling targets and letting him call for micro-warpdrives or other positioning calls.  This makes things  a lot easier if the pair has worked together before (we had not till today), and you allow each other to speak as needed.   Once Joli goes down Cubeick asks for someone to call targets, and I go to work looking for high value targets first or things that will disrupt their fleet the most.  If those are not in range or viable you focus on DPS killing DPS from the other fleet helps your fleet survive if you are not volleying them off before reps land then look at picking logistics ships.  

I go into a mode when i call targets I start locking the target, and broadcast him using the right click broadcast target function.  (I have been doing that my entire Eve career, and it was going to bite me in the ass later.)  I kill what is close first since there were no high value targets on field that I could see so DPS was primary and we go to work on Caracals.  I call targets with a cadence once I have broadcasted and locked the primary I start locking the secondary while I see how our DPS applies and today it applied damn well.  When you are alpha'ing targets you have to have your secondary ready but keep a pace were folks are killing then locking the secondary this avoids people trying to split their DPS to shoot the secondary and possibly giving the primary a chance to get reps due to the split DPS.  So calling targets for this fleet when primary is (as I am locking then broadcast) first 3 letters of the first name or full name depending on how hard it is to say.  While I lock the secondary once that target gets to armor I am broadcasting the secondary this means by the time they are done locking the primary should be dead and all DPS should be applied to the new primary.  Should the primary get logi reps I call the secondary as primary, and keep moving, but keeping that one locked.  Once you have the temp for how the DPS is applying it becomes damn fun fleet with things dying one right after the other.  We crush their initial Caracal fleet, and then they come for round 2, and this is where I derp so hard I wanted to just log off.   While calling targets and using the right click method I hit remove cruiser from overview .........  Looking at it it is pretty damn easy to do if you are broadcasting targets as quickly as I was, and I boned it up bad!

So for me all that I could see on my overview was frigates so I called for free fire yet there was still a bunch of Caracals on grid.  After going crazy trying to figure out what I had done and got it fixed we went back to work chewing through Caracals, and token Cerberus.  During all this Cubeick would start to speak, and I would just broadcast instead of speaking over him so he could give a call for an align or reanchor.  It went as smooth as my derpiness allowed, and surprisingly we came out a bil a ahead, and I found my grove again.  Thanks to you Cubeick for being awesome, and hope we can work together soon.  

Oh a AAR I need to get good, and use the shortcut for broadcasting so I don't screw that up again.  Battle report is below!

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