Wednesday, July 27, 2016


So yea sense I post a TON here you know......... I have been asked to write some more somewhere else.... Ok that is a lie I said I would try so I am going to write some things, and you all get to see them as well. These will be Tabloid type things that are short, crazy, and totally fake....I hope......

  This is where if I had any kind of skill or know how I would photo shop the hell out of something similar to these and put Eve players/CCP folks in game faces.  Sadly I have no such ability at this time so it'll just be boring words much like Reddit! eh.....


Locals are in a panic here in the system of Saranen as billions of locals cause mass hysteria and riots due to Goons leaving the area and moving toward Delve.   Concord has issued a warning to the Caldari Government to get it under control or be put into marshal law via  a press conference in Yulai.  Caldari officials lay blame at the hands of The Mittani and his leadership for the current instability of the system.  "Our people nothing but gracious to Goons, and the MBC who have both fought violent battles in our system killing millions in their terrible war".  "We were told by The Mittani that he not cause issues with our populace with any drastic changes in the near future.  Then he announces that they will be moving in less than a month!""This effectively ruined several million businesses with massive layoffs, crashed the stock market, and destroyed any use for new infrastructure  we've built to support the outrageous group."

After speaking further with the enraged Caldari representative they will be looking to take Goons to Concord for reparations for damages caused to the tune of 1 Quadrillion ISK.  This is the largest sum of ISK ever in any case thus far Concord has presided over.  The Mittani could not be reached for comment due to what his representative said is via instant message "He is currently clubbing and will not comment on this case at this time."  Concord said they have sent messages and look to start the trial with in the month.

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