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The deserted wasteland "Drone Lands" Prologue

Be warned there is no TL:DR for this so sorry/not sorry.

    So some people @wilhelm2451 and @Sarag0ssa both asked for me to go further into talking about the war in Drones and the things that went on. I hope I do it justice, but just know I was not in the higher echelons so there is tinfoil/2nd hand info on my part so apologies in advance. I will list all the groups as they come up and I remember them with links to eve gate once, and will most likely go to a short form name or ticker for the remainder of talking about this. I will also cover some things from before the reset that I think has a part or impact on it.  

    So let us go back in history a bit to the eviction of The Older Gamer Alliance (from here on out known as TOG) from their pocket in Oasa.  Legion of xXDeathXx had come down and said that TOG had not lived up to their requirements and were to be removed from the area.  We in Alternate Allegiance really did not like this, and looked for ways to avoid it completely to even helping to pay rent for them to buy them some time to get sorted.  TOG rejected the deal so we were left to go after a group I had come to like since I was asked to join ALTS.  So most of the non-renting groups in and around Oasa started operations to push TOG out of their pocket which we all still call the old TOG pocket.  Our first operations would bit start till near the end of the first week in February, but as with XDeath's tradition as soon as they reset their members went to go pick fights.  The note worthy groups at the time for this were:

Alternate Allegiance - ALTS
BlackNova Mercenary Alliance - BNMA
Brotherhood of Spacers - BOSS
District-85 -  D85
Just A Game.  JAG
Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork -Kick
Phoenix Company Alliance  - POCA
Requiem Eternal - Req
The Explicit Alliance - Xplicit

XDeath did come out, but not with anything note worthy fleet wise from what I can remember.  We had a few skirmishes with TOG, but TOG had already begun the process of moving once they got the reset notice losing an Aeon in LowSec sadly on the way out.  Honestly there were not really any good fights here past someone from Bloodline dropping their Titan while I was FCing to try and kill a Naglfar which did not work, since you know they didnt let the FC(me) know what was going on so ended up losing a Loki for their trouble....

(tinfoil) In my mind this is the start to the growing problem we could see that XDeath was looking at groups and looking to push them out to help stabilize the area in fear of a civil war.

Though we still had what I thought was a good relationship with XDeath we held an event called BWF party.  Where we spent about 3-4 days to include the weekend gate camping and hopping on XDeath fleets with my goal being top killers in the area!  We were asked to help keep points on a hotdrop in Oijanen and help with a fight in Geminate with some XDeath pets that got grabbed by Volta in their carriers (Battle Report).   Time passed we did some other things some guys went to Fountain for a bit of fun with Brotherhood of Spacers,  So ALTS was kind of in limbo some people looking for more content than just defense fleets that I had been running so we had people out doing their own thing in different parts of Eve.

Time passes and we come to the brink of World War Bee.

There had been rumors that war with the goons was coming, and we were all talking about if we would get involved.  I figured we would not be able due to our ties to Legion of xXDeathXx and their relationship with the Imperium (I call them CFC or GSF still so you will see it here sorry).   

**Now some of this is where this is word of mouth kind of information or things I tried putting together myself so may or may not be entirely correct**

XDeath had a NIP with the CFC meaning basically no SOV//Structure attacking, and so when WWB kicked off it basically kept the larger portion of Drones out of the fight in regards of assisting the MBC.  XDeath from what I could tell could not and would not openly support the CFC or be the next in line after the CFC were attacked. Early in the war Mercenary Coalition reached out to ALTS leadership if we would be interested in coming out for the war.  Other drone residents wanted to get involved for various reason some out of hate for the CFC others just for the content and be apart of what I thought would be the biggest war Eve has seen.  Man was I wrong on that one!

Then came Fafer he would be persona behind a lot the got the Drone alliances into WWB in a big way.  Fafer came up with the idea to gather us into a coalition later to be named Drone Walkers.

    At that point the alliances got together we got a name, but there was a hindrance XDeath's NIP that applied to all of us especially groups like inPanic who wer`e named in it specifically.  So the leaders got things rolling then Karer turned the key so to speak.  Karer is the leader of XDeath from what I have gathered the yes/no man so to speak, even though UAxDEATH is the defacto person when people think of leadership with XDeath.  Karer went to every Alliance on Skype and gave each personally the go for to take Drone Walkers against the CFC.  Warning that if we lose and they come after our takings in Drone Lands/where ever they would not assist or support.   With that Drone Walkers formed up and mobilize to HB-5L3 on the edge of Tenal.  

This is a easy choice for staging since InPanic lived there and was close to their primary staging area.  We took the doctrines that were fixtures of the time for Eve primary the doctrines to rule fights more often than not.  Most if not all the big fights were Euro time zone so that hampered my participation in the bigger fights.   Tenal was at the time owned by Razor & The Initiative who we expected to put up a nasty defense, and one to be honest I did not think we had the ability to fully push them out.  I kept warning that these are not just push overs as INIT (the initiative) are pretty damn good PvP group in my opinion, and Razor has as many people we did coming to fight.  

 Drone Walkers would come to find that the CFC for the most part would not even try major operations against the Money Badger Coalition let alone the new comers to the ring DW. Though DW would come to find its own trials of being a new coalition soon, and in some political intrigue/drama that could be a best seller.

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