Saturday, September 30, 2017

Content is not dead, just stop being lazy

Story time:

I take T1 ship roams out to Horde space every so often and other places as WH's give us just for a change of pace, and to have a bit of fun. 

These are normally Caracals, because I pray to our lord and savior Rapid Jesus nightly prior to going to sleep, but sometimes we take other stuff.

Always fun Horde have been awesome and thanks for the fights thus far.  Tonight, was a bit different a corpmate had been bugging me every day for a month about whelping a Carrier for the insurance.  Finally, I got him to move it into jump range of C4C so we can shoot some horde and let them get a cap kill out of it.   So I form our whelp Caracals about 9 folks with my moral Drake and we head out.

We burn to C4C and with them deployed it's pretty inactive:

So we keep moving and dodge a 30+ GotG Ferox fleet, though as much fun as that would be... I don't just want to whelp us right into a gang with logi that we have no hope of killing anything before dying in a fire.

Many jumps later we get to 7RM and derp around a bit our dictor calls out drake in KLY on the gate aggressed so we bounce through and pop him and some other small ships.  Then suddenly Brute Force Solutions BS fleet!  Rip try to warp everyone off and we lose a few sadly.

Suddenly Cyno goes up I panic thinking our carrier has jumped in only to find out Slyce had dropped on that gang....   (I know the BR is balls it's just to show the drop less who was shooting what so calm your nerd balls)

Well shit there goes that idea with them around, but they soon jump their caps out and leave system.  As soon as they do we get back on the 7RM gate in KLY and jump in to brawl out some of the Horde folks on the gate and drop the carrier in.    We decloak light cyno and bring in our carrier, and we all start dying pretty damn quick!  Most of the Caracals and the moral Drake die a couple minutes in while our carrier does what it can to kill things till his fighters are jammed out by horde. 

Slowly dying to Horde I hear that that there is a Goon Blood Raider fleet jumping into 7RM and they warp in as the carrier starts hitting low armor.  As they land a Calmil Osprey Navy gang with logi lands at a Tac nearby.  Goons finish off our carrier friend, and are then fighting it out with Calmil and Horde that are on grid.  BR at the time of this was not working so sorry BR's are going to be Zkill links

TL:DR undocked and had fun stop being lazy and go out and do something you never know what awesome content you will run into.

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